Everything about this collaboration was perfection. The location, models, blooms and the clothes.. I’m still drooling over all of these images!

I love how every photographer has as different style, and you can really see that in the different images from this shoot.

I could go on and on about everything that I loved from this collab, but lets be honest.. I’m sure we would ALL rather start looking at these images than listen to me ramble.. haha!


Photographers: Chelsea FabrizioKaci BaumMadelaine Hailey and Taylor Ann

Clothing: Free People

Models: Lexi MorganJake BaumJess Ruiz DelVizo and Alexis Chanel

Florals: Us!



Photographer: Chelsea Fabrizio

Kaci Baum 4Kaci Baum 8Kaci Baum 17

Photographer: Kaci Baum

Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 001Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 004Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 03Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 05Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 06Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 09Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 0010Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 010Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 012Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 012Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 16Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 29

Photographer: Madelaine Hailey


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