I’m Allie, the crazy haired lady behind this business┬á­čśë Peaches and Peonies was started┬áas a way for me to stay at home with my daughter while┬ástill pursuing my dreams. My husband is the one who pushed me into turning my love of florals into starting this┬ácompany. He is and has always been my biggest supporter. We also have a fur baby named Suki, who is our little best friend.┬á

I am a lover of the outdoors, pasta, the beach, textures and rich colors.

I am so grateful for all of my amazing clients and for all of the friends that I have made along my way on this journey.




My name is McGyver, but also known as Aubree.

I have a passion for all things visual. I dabble in painting/drawing, photography, street art, sculpture, as well as floral (obviously).

I have been known to love travel and have a constant itch to get back out and explore new things. You can find me roaming in the mountains, next to lakes or anywhere I can breathe fresh air and try something new.


Headshots by: Emily Wilson Photography

Featured Image by: Ash Bridgewater Photography