Collaboration with Mary Horne Photography

Are you ready for some absolutely breathtaking pictures?!


This shoot is still one of my top favorites, for a few reasons:

#1. Mary Horne is INCREDIBLE! Not only is she extremely extremely talented, but she is also one of the sweetest people ever!

#2. Moody bouquets are my favorite! I can’t get enough of this beauty.

#3. TWO AMAZING DRESSES from Natalie Wynn Design!! This is where the obsession with her dresses began people.. and can you blame me?! They are incredible!



Photographer: Mary Horne

Model: Bailey Chiniquy

Dresses: Natalie Wynn Design

Florals: Us!

Styling: Lucy Hutchins and Erin Schull

Hair: Lovely Locks and Darling Dyes

Makeup: Blonde Fox Beauty

Studio: Miesh Studio


Now get ready to drool… because these pictures are TOO good!




Collaboration with Sweet Cactus Photography and Belle Bodas

My computer decided to eat most of the amazing pictures from this shoot.. so while I dig through my emails and phone to find more, enjoy these beautiful highlights that it left behind!

I loved working with Ali and Braelynn on this shoot! Everything that could have gone wrong with this shoot did, but it still turned out absolutely incredible!

So enjoy… 🙂


Photographer: Sweet Cactus Photography

Styling: Belle Bodas

Models: Norka and Brent

Dress: Bridal Closet

Florals: Us!

Squaw Peak Collaboration with some AMAZING creatives

This shoot was such a blast! Katelyn is absolutely adorable and made for the perfect model!

We were so excited to work with Stephanie Lorraine Photography again as well as Maddie Jeppson Photography! They are both amazing and it was seriously such a fun shoot!

Here are a few of my favorites that Maddie took:


Then here are a few of my favorites that Stephanie took!

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Can we just take one more minute to talk about how beautiful Katelyn is?! Like.. seriously!

Thank you to all of the amazing talent that was involved for this shoot!


Photographers: Maddie Jeppson Photography and Stephanie Lorraine Photography

Model: Katelyn Hacking

Dress: Bling It On Dress Rentals

Camera: Blissful Charm Rentals

Karlie’s Bridal Pictures with Stephanie Lorraine Photography


I have been awful about keeping this blog updated with all of our amazing collabs and shoots, but I promise that I’ll try to be better! I’ve got to get caught up before this next baby, so I can get behind again haha!

Stephanie was incredible and took all of these amazing bridal pictures for my sister, Karlie! Isn’t she stunning?!

Also, how perfect is this location?? I’m obsessed with it all!

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Here are a few without our florals, because Stephanie killed it and Karlie is too gorgeous not to post these!

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Photographer: Stephanie Lorraine Photography

Arch and Rentals: Blissful Charm Rentals

Florals: Us!


This Is The Place Collaboration with Stephanie Lorraine Photography

This shoot was nothing short of magical.

Stephanie is incredibly talented and was a dream to work with! She helped me put my ideas together and then brought them to life! We were also able to meet and work with her Mom, who baked and designed the beautiful cake for this shoot.

My beautiful cousin was the model for this shoot. Isn’t she gorgeous?!

Here are a few of our favorite shots (it was so hard not posting every image.. They are all amazing!!).


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Photographer: Stephanie Lorraine Photography

Model: Brinley Welch

Dress: Elizabeth Cooper Designs

Makeup: Rebecca Renae Artistry

Hair: A&K Rebellion

Cake: Zulay

Location: This Is The Place Heritage Park

Chair: Blissful Charm Rentals

Sand and Sun Shoot with Gabriella Santos Photography

When we take the time to look around and venture out, the world starts to unveil itself as the massively beautiful, amazing place that it is.

Working on collaborations give us a chance to see new places and meet new people we never would be able to if we didn’t branch out in the ways we do. Were we whisked away to the dunes of the Sahara desert? Well yes and no.

It is almost like we stepped into a whole different part of the world for this shoot in the Little Sahara, but it was in our own backyard here in Utah. I am constantly in awe of how incredible Utah is.. and this shoot really shows a different landscape from the walls of green and purple mountains or the red rock canyons that I personally love so much.

This shoot would not have been possible without the extremely talented individuals that we were able to collaborate with.


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Photographer/Dress: Gabriella Santos

Location: Little Sahara, UT

Florals: Us!

Models: Carly and Ryan

Makeup: Mckenna Hasson

Hair: Samantha Windley

Invitations: Chynna Hansen Designs  

Free People Collaboration


Everything about this collaboration was perfection. The location, models, blooms and the clothes.. I’m still drooling over all of these images!

I love how every photographer has as different style, and you can really see that in the different images from this shoot.

I could go on and on about everything that I loved from this collab, but lets be honest.. I’m sure we would ALL rather start looking at these images than listen to me ramble.. haha!


Photographers: Chelsea FabrizioKaci BaumMadelaine Hailey and Taylor Ann

Clothing: Free People

Models: Lexi MorganJake BaumJess Ruiz DelVizo and Alexis Chanel

Florals: Us!



Photographer: Chelsea Fabrizio

Kaci Baum 4Kaci Baum 8Kaci Baum 17

Photographer: Kaci Baum

Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 001Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 004Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 03Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 05Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 06Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 09Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 0010Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 010Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 012Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 012Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 16Madelaine Sessions Stylized Shoot 29

Photographer: Madelaine Hailey